My fiance and I spent the day together today.  I have been feeling really off the past 2 days and couldn’t figure out what was driving it other than I have been eating like crap those past 2 days!  And then it dawned on me…PMS!! My cravings are up and I’ve been giving into them over these past 2 days.  That did not help the overwhelming amount of stress I felt today when Will wanted to take me out for lunch.

I’m only 5 weeks into this lifestyle change and have been eating at home pretty much the entire time.  Today eating out at a restaurant felt really stressful – like I was not allowed to do so or that I would be sabotaging the rest of my life by enjoying time out with my fiance.  I started feeling panic; everything was too loud, nothing on the menu seemed ok, and indulge in an adult beverage??  Are you kidding?!  But my amazing future husband pulled out some of the most appropriate, supportive, and encouraging advice.  He really put things in perspective, saved our date, and got me to loosen up, laugh, and enjoy our time together.

So…what did he say?!  80%.  Yes, there’s more to it than that.  After telling me how hard he has seen me work over the past five weeks; after telling me how proud of me he is; after listing off specific things he has noticed and things I am now doing without even giving it a second thought, he said…”You are changing your lifestyle.  That is not going to happen overnight.  You are changing all the bad habits that have built up over your life thus far and that might not be able to be maintained at 100%…for anyone.  But even if you do it 80% of the time, think of how much better your life is going to be, and how much more you are doing for yourself that you were or how much healthier you are than those who are doing much less than 80%.”

I settled on an adult beverage which was helpful in relaxing a bit and then ordered grilled chicken soft tacos with a Cesar side salad.  I was able to smile, enjoy our date, and the noise and goings-on around us seemed to dissipate.  What incredible gifts he gave me with those words…acceptance, support, acknowledgement, unconditional love, and permission to live and enjoy life…100%